Zhengming Ding

Hongfu Liu
Bradeis University

Handong Zhao
Adobe, San Jose


Multi-view data are extensively accessible nowadays thanks to various types of features, view-points and different sensors. For example, the most popular commercial depth sensor Kinect uses both visible light and near infrared sensors for depth estimation; automatic driving uses both visual and radar sensors to produce real-time 3D information on the road; and face analysis algorithms prefer face images from different views for high-fidelity reconstruction and recognition. All of them tend to facilitate better data representation in different application scenarios. Recently there are a bunch of approaches proposed to deal with the multi-view visual data. Our tutorial covers most popular deep multi-view learning algorithms proposed recently, centered around four major applications, i.e., multi-view clustering, multi-view classification, zero-shot learning and domain adaptation. By participating the tutorial, the audience will gain a broad knowledge of multi-view learning including its most recent advance in visual data analysis, and detailed analysis of typical algorithms and frameworks. In addition, the audience will walk through a variety of popular visual data analysis tools based on deep learning. Specifically, only a few basic knowledges regarding to classification and clustering are required, as we will go over other related algorithms together with the multi-view problem setting at the beginning.


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